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About Us

Link Haus isn't your usual sausage company. The idea is to make sausage that is delicious, unique, and inspired by culinary traditions and flavour combinations from around the world. No "Mild Italian" or "Honey Garlic" here (nothing against those, mind you). Link Haus is about exploration, discovery and big bold flavour—taking the everyday expected sausage and having some fun with it.

Founded in late 2020 by David Neiman - a thirty year food and hospitality veteran, sommelier and wine writer - Link Haus was meant to be a "keep busy" enterprise while waiting for his restaurant job to reappear. Surprised by the enthusiastic response from neighbours and social media group members, Link Haus became a full-time endeavor!

Our sausages intend to be the star attraction protein on your dinner plate and we offer recommendations for side dish accompaniments and drink pairings for your enjoyment. But, if you want to have them on a roll with good old yellow mustard and sauerkraut, that's great too!

We always endeavour to be transparent with our ingredients. If you have any questions regarding ingredients or safety concerns, please let us know!