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What We Do

We truly believe that Link Haus sausages are some of the best-made in the world, and we're sure you'll agree. If you are not 100% happy with our products PLEASE reach out to let us know and we'll do our utmost to remedy the situation.

Unlike most butchers and super market meat counters, Link Haus does not use “trim,” off-cuts, or butchering leftovers to make our products. Making the very best sausage is all we do, and we want you to be able to enjoy our products with confidence that what you're consuming is of the utmost quality.

We proudly start with fresh whole Ontario pork shoulder. Ontario pork is highly renowned for its quality, as well as its commitment to animal welfare, traceability, program oversight, minimal use of antibiotics, and its mandate against the use of growth hormones.

We invite you to learn more about Ontario Pork by visiting these links:

Ontario Pork FAQ

Social Responsibility

Canadian Pork Excellence Program


For our chicken, lamb, or beef sausages we endeavor to always use Ontario meat products whenever possible. In all cases, extra care is taken to manicure the meat product to ensure that all tendon, bone or other undesirable fragments have been removed.

From there, our sausages are carefully made in small batches, as they have been for literally thousands of years, using freshly ground premium spices, fruit, vegetables, cheese, and other delectable ingredients.


Ordering and Delivery

Our products are packaged immediately after production in high quality vacuum-sealed bags, and flash frozen. Each pack is 1.50 lbs. and contains between 5-6 links depending on size.

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- We deliver Tuesday (for locations west of Yonge St.) and Wednesdays (for locations east of Yonge St.) late afternoon to early evening


We strive toward minimal packaging. Other food delivery services over package – so much waste! Our sausages are vacuum sealed and flash frozen immediately after production. We then make a point of delivering at a time of day when most people are home but will remain safely frozen for some time after delivery. During warm weather and/or if you may not be home for a while, we encourage our customers to leave out a small cooler or insulated bag.

Our packaging consists of the following: plastic vacuum seal packaging for the individual packs of sausage, a kraft paper bag made from recycled materials, a single 8½” x 11” invoice sheet, and an outer label. That's it, that's all.