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All Tandoori, No Fury

All Tandoori, No Fury

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Is there a more ubiquitous South Asian flavour than tandoori? Probably not. Jam packed with a wide assortment of spices like coriander, ginger, cardamon, cumin, clove, and so so much more, our take on this classic flavour has one notable omission: heat. Just like we did for Jamaican curry with Island Time, we wanted to make this flavour accessible for everyone and added no chili spice at all. So, loads of flavour but no burn. If you want it spicy, I'm sure you have a variety of small bottles in your refrigerator to jazz it up.
(100% chicken in pork casing. Contains garlic.)

NOTE: Unlike most other tandoori spice blends, both store-bought and from restaurants, we have NOT added any red food colouring to this recipe. As such, it doesn't have that distinctive and wildly red colour you may be used to seeing. Other than visual aesthetics, the red food colouring adds nothing to the recipe. However for some people (often neuro-divergent folk with autism or ADHD) food colouring, especially red food colouring, can cause significant negative reactions.

Suggested Side Dish Pairing: There's a million and one options available here, and a quick search on the Web will yield more ideas than you can shake a stick at, but a couple favourites of ours are turmeric yellow rice pilaf with dried fruit, lentils and curry leaf, alongside roasted cauliflower florets dusted with garam masala.

Suggested Drink Pairing: A smoky French Syrah, or for white an aromatic Gewurztraminer. If beer is your go-to, a mellow red lager, and for the non-alcoholic option you could do a lot worse than a mango and yoghurt smoothie.

$12.00/lb. | $18.00/pk.
All products are approximately 1.50 lbs., but hand-made sausage with natural casings can have a possible variance of up to 0.10 lbs.