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Welcome To The Continental

Welcome To The Continental

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This is a bright and zesty chicken sausage packed with lemon and dill, along with roasted garlic, white wine, chive, parsley and a hint of turmeric. Based loosely around the flavours of the fabled Chicken Kiev recipe, a classic dish probably invented in France but favoured by the Russian Czar and then popularized by the Continental Hotel at the turn of the last century in Kyiv, Ukraine.
(100% chicken in pork casing. Contains garlic.)

Recommended Drink Pairing: For wine you could go either route with the "compliment or contrast" rule of thumb, and choose a rich, well-oaked Chardonnay or a bright and tangy Riesling. Alternatively, try a basil mojito, virgin or fully leaded.

Recommended Side Dish Accompaniment: Lemon and dill is such a versatile and user-friendly combination and you can go a number of directions with it. Oven roasted or garlic mashed potato with green veg, risotto primavera, chilled and sliced or crumbled on a Greek salad, or even add to a creamy soup. The world is your oyster.

$11.65/lb | $17.50/pk.
All products are approximately 1.50 lbs., but hand-made sausage with natural casings can have a possible variance of up to 0.10 lbs.